Monday, 21 April 2014

Get free netflix premium accounts!

What is this software?

The New Netflix Premium Account Generator 2014 has the ability to generate unlimited amount of free netflix accounts. Never pay for Netflix again. This is your ultimate chance to get your hands on the new software.

The Netflix Premium account generator 2014:-

Why pay for netflix when you can get netflix premium accounts for free. Yes. You read that right. Introducing the Netflix premium account generator v3.6(2014). Our software is capable of generating unlimited amount of free netflix accounts at your discretion. The Netlix account generator has a clean and simple to use interface that even a kid can use it. You will be able to generate unlimited amount of accounts with just a click of a button. Its so simple!

Steps to use the Netflix Account Generator:-

1. Download the rar file from belwow.

2. Open the file using a free extactor like Winrar.

3. Open the software.

4. Click on the generate button.

5. Wait for the program to complete its process.

6. Copy the account info.

7. Enjoy!!

Note:- Update the software if you encounter any problems.


1. What if I hav any problems while running the software?

The problem may occur if the software is of older version. Updating the software will definitely solve the problem.

2. Is it free of cost?

Yes it is. The main reason behind creating the software was to provide opportunity for everyone to experience Netflix without spending any money. So the software itslef is free of cost.

3. Is the software safe to use?

It is 100% safe to use. The software was tested with leading antivirus programs before being published.

4. How many premium accounts can be generated?

Although there is no limit in how much accounts can be generated, it would be safer to keep it down to 2 accounts per day max.